Qalandar Pak (RA) and his Waris Syed Baba Jee

Introduction : Peace and blessings be upon all adorers of Qalander Pak (RA). Before we delve into different facets of the personality and spiritual life of Qalander Pak(RA), I deem it necessary to quash some misperceptions and baseless illusions concerning his date of birth, the day of departure to the final abode, the annual pilgrimage and heirship, so that all those who receive his (RA) enthralling benevolence and wish to know more about him (RA) can be enlightened with reality without any form of distraction and they spread the message (Audio) to despondent humanity with a measure of continuity.

Spreading the message (Audio) to dejected and suffering humanity with selfless devotion and utmost determination is the only sure way to express your love for Qalander Pak(RA).

The actual name of Qalander Pak(RA), popularly known as 'Kakianwali Sarkar' {Meaning: Lord of the divine motherhood. It is a special trait that signifies selfless and pure love which has been bestowed on the mothers (Kaki); and by virtue of this relationship it stands as the symbol of dedication, commitment, purity of love and affection for the humanity that beholds the blessed personality of Qalandar Pak(RA), and in metaphorical reference, earns him the title of Kakian Wali Sarkar RA} is Syed Safdar Hussain Bukhari(RA). He (RA) took birth in a wealthy family on Monday, the 6th of May, 1940 AD on the blessed soil of Village Dhudhi Thal, Tehsil {Town} Pind Dadan Khan located in District Jhelum.

Qalandar Pak(RA) left this world on Tuesday, the 8th of February, 2005 after long years of selfless help to humanity. Urs Mubarak of Qalandar Pak(RA) would be held on 6th, 7th and 8th of February each year. At the request of Qalander Pak (RA), Syed Baba Jee was became His Waris (Spiritual heir or descendent in the lineage and in a particular Sufi order)

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Words from Syed Baba-Spiritual heir of Qalandar Pak (RA) about the audio (music therapy)

This is the mission of Sufi Qalandar Baba, intended for the whole mankind, for the treatment of various kinds of illness, psychological or mental anxiety.

When we speak of mankind, we speak of all faiths, which includes all the people of this world, regardless of their belief they profess.

No one changes your faith or no one offers a new faith( with this audio). The necessity to make this mission for free to all people in the world.

This sound is one of the greatest rhythms of the universe, which, after listening, with eyes closed, heals any disease.

This audio is for listening to anyone only once in a lifetime for seven days in the morning, afternoon and evening with eyes closed. After hearing, take half a glass of water and close your eyes and tell "Your name", any "name" three times (according to your belief) and drink this water with closed eyes in three sips. For example, whoever believes in Jesus closes his eyes and imagines Jesus and says three times in the heart and others says their God's name according to his/her faith, three times.

Let's save humanity in this way and spread peace and love to suffering, weeping and weak beings.

This audio is dedicated to everyone who has just got into his hands, and his listening is entirely free! Listen this audio and hand it over, please