Information to listen audio

How to listen:

Listen to it three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening before bedtime) for seven consecutive days.

Listening process:

1. Sit comfortably, and it should be a quiet place.

2. Listen with your eyes closed.

3. Concentrate as much as possible. For better concentration, think of your God, loving ones or light (up to you)

4. When the recitation is finished, open your eyes.

5. Take half glass of water Close your eyes again and say your name or "Jesus" Jesus"Jesus" three times in your heart. Then drink the water with closed eyes in three sips and open your eyes again. That's all!

This audio is for listening to anyone only once in a lifetime for seven days in the morning, afternoon and evening with eyes closed. After hearing, take half a glass of water and close your eyes and tell "Your name", any "name" three times (according to your belief) and drink this water with closed eyes in three sips. For example, whoever believes in Jesus closes his eyes and imagines Jesus and says three times in the heart and others says their God's name according to his/her faith, three times. (Syed Baba)

Tips for Listening: Put your mobile phone on plane mode (Airplane Mode)

Repeat every day for a whole week, always in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime.

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